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If There Was No Storm

Winner of Heirloom's Adam Award
Winner of Heirloom's Eve Award
Heirloom Book Club

Pages turn quickly in author Beya Lustaña's stunningly crafted, first century picture book, “If There Was No Storm.” In this gem for little ones, Lustaña keeps things to one sentence per page with word choices that make for an engaging and breezy read.

The story begins in the Philippines, where a young Filipino boy runs away from home to set sail across the ancient world. Along the way, he endures a series of character-building setbacks, with each mishap landing him in the care of one of Lustaña’s diverse cast of characters. We meet an elderly monk, a female warrior, and a slightly older slave boy among others. Each of them imparts some positive lesson to the young runaway. However, none of them seem to have the answer he’s looking for. Only after washing up on the shores of Israel does the boy finally find it: in the arms of Jesus—the answer to everything.

Lustaña turns out a tale that is both colorful and deep, and she's also the hand behind the illustrations as well. Her artwork is rich in depth and texture, and infused with a passionate joy for the project. She packs plenty of wonder in every image, and you’ll want to skim them over again and again just to take in all that’s there. Additionally, character designs are cute and endearing, and crafted with an expert eye.

Individually or as a whole, the artwork is always pleasing to look at and never gets overwhelmingly busy. Most impressive is Lustaña's way of making smaller, more intimate settings feel big and weighty. With memorable scenes and a gifted pen, Lustaña's high caliber illustrations lead the way for one boy’s path to Jesus.

“If There Was No Storm” by Beya Lustaña earns our highest recommendation.


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